To serve, to serve fully, promptly and efficiently, to serve beyond the terms of contract. 35 years of Professional Excellence
InterManagement Manpower Services Limited
AN ISO 9001 - 2008
Certified Organisation

The Organization

InterMangement is a professionally managed organization with all India network belonging to the Koyako Group. Koyako Group was incorporated in 1950, with wide ranging endeavors from pharmaceuticals to publications.

InterManagement was established in 1970. The team consists of highly educated young men with extensive expertise in Human Resources Management.

In 1984, we were recognized by Personnel Management Association of India as the largest and most successful placement agency in India. The executives at InterManagement are selected for their wisdom, wit, aggressiveness, personality, strength of character and personal warmth.

In the InterManagement team, you find all the characteristics of a worthy business associate and a good friend.

InterManagement's major areas of specialization include Management Development & Training, Personnel Selection and Recruitment, Executive Search, Outbound Programmes, Compensation Surveys, Manpower Audit, Due Diligence and Contractual Staffing.

Continued professional education is an integral practice of InterManagement. Each one at InterManagement adds to our store of knowledge through one-to-one coaching, seminars, specialized refresher sessions. InterManagement believes enlarging of skills, not obsolescence.

Our enthusiasm for new, better techniques comes out of continually working at the cutting edge of technology. It is with creativity that InterManagement has developed many tools unique to Overseas Recruiting Assignments. InterManagement retain a panel of twenty-four professionals from various trade and industry in order to ensure you get what you are looking for manpower that is efficient, educated experienced.

To serve, to serve fully, promptly and efficiently, to serve beyond the terms of contract