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Head Hunting Team

The most general approach adopted by the recruitment agents in India is to release newspaper advertisements for candidate sourcing. This method carries an inherent risk : 'the right man may not even apply'

There are two reasons

India consists of multi region, multi language population. There are 56 local language newspapers and 18 English newspapers. There is not even one publication which controls the attention all over India. There are newspapers which have ten to fifteen editions from different cities. The recruiting agent may release advertisement in one or two newspapers, without the guarantee of coming to everyone's notice.

For example, "The Times Of India" has the maximum readership in Mumbai, and it has other editions published from Bangalore, New Delhi and Ahmedabad. But the widest read newspapers in Bangalore is "Deccan Herald " and that in New Delhi it is " Hindustan Times ". As far as Indian Express is concerned, it has extensive readership as it has more editions including one in Chennai. But the most circulated newspaper in Chennai is " Hindu " Compound this to the fact 80% of Indians read local language newspapers and you will arrive at the awesome cost factors. To attract all the candidates all over India, 56 local and 18 English newspapers have to be used. A small advertisement of 2 column 10 cms (20 column cms) in these newspapers will cost a minimum of one Million Indian Rupees. This is not practicable and nobody therefore attempts it.

Secondly, the ' right ' person whom you are looking for may not go through recruitment advertisements. Because in India, the most tarnished business is recruitment. There are hundreds of unscrupulous recruitment agents who have cheated the job-seekers. The person you are looking for, being a shrewd man may not ever dare to apply, in order to avoid the risk of being cheated. The ' right ' person, whom you are looking is happy with his present, steady job where he is already leading a good life.

InterManagement's Head Hunters come into the picture at this juncture.

The twenty-two search executives on the permanent payroll of InterManagement are stationed at different cities in India. Once they identify the 'right' person, they use their professional and social contacts to reach him. The search executive explains him the job parameters, the compensation package and the positive effect of such assignments on his subsequent career. A discreet reference to the people recruited earlier is also made and the candidate is invited to contact them to verify the facts. The candidate's fears are allayed and he is helped to make up his mind.

Thus our Head Hunting Team eliminates the possibility "the right man may not even apply to the advertisements"

These brilliant achievers are themselves professionals of the highest grade and impeccable credentials. InterManagement has taken pains to include all disciplines to provide a ready, direct access even to the highest caliber.

Once we know whom you want, we bring him to you

To serve, to serve fully, promptly and efficiently, to serve beyond the terms of contract