To serve, to serve fully, promptly and efficiently, to serve beyond the terms of contract. 35 years of Professional Excellence
InterManagement Manpower Services Limited
AN ISO 9001 - 2008
Certified Organisation

We congratulate you on your organization's continued progress. The HR department sometimes unglamorous, but always essential plays a very vital role in Corporate Health. As a successful company you must already be having established recruitment agency relations in India.

The normal procedure followed by almost all recruiting agents in India is releasing advertisements in the newspapers for sourcing the candidates. There is always a risk that "right man" may not even apply. The experience underlines the fact.

More than the astronomical cost of advertising and the time lost in screening the applicants, it is the dubious quality of the "best" candidates, while screening. The obvious choice may be to go by, "the best among the applicants" method. Because the "right man" may not have applied.

May we politely point out that ours is an exception !

The twenty four search executives who are on the permanent pay-roll of InterManagement are known within the organization as 'HEAD HUNTING TEAM'. Our Head Hunting Team eliminates the possibility of the 'right man' may not apply through newspaper advertisements. With long professional and social intercourse they have already built bridges to gap the distance - the distance between you and the man you want.

InterManagement have practiced and perfected the technique over the last thirty five years. What sets us apart are our unique features.

     •   Computerized Personnel Data Bank

     •   Head Hunting Team

     •   Conscientious mental aptitude, skill level
         adaptability. competence and proficiency tests

     •   Accurate pre-employment background reports

     •   In-house skill enhancement facilities

     •   Orientation session for personnel to minimize culture shock.

We at InterManagement believe in TOTAL service, with expertise and hard work built in our work ethos. InterManagement aspires for long term association, association such as yours.


      •  Does your current recruiting agent deliver candidates that match your 
           corporate culture based on anything other than a test or survey?

      •  Has there ever been a time your current recruiting agent assessment
           of a candidate told you something you couldn’t see on a resume?

      •  Do you really feel you are getting value for your money with
           your current recruiting agent?

      •  Aren’t you tired of the hit or miss approach to hiring people?

      •  How much time and money was wasted on your last bad hire?

      •  What are you doing to prevent hiring people who aren’t fit with
           your corporate values?

      •  Do you believe the hire and fire policy is good for Corporate Health?

Can you really afford not to upgrade your hiring process ?

To serve, to serve fully, promptly and efficiently, to serve beyond the terms of contract