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Mental Aptitude Tests

Our Mental aptitude tests are developed by leading experts in the field of psychology and assessment. These consultants have specially devised a set of Mental Aptitude Tests with different levels I, II, III, IV, graded to successive hierarchies within a modern economic establishments.

Prior to the personal interview and the trade tests, ALL candidates are taken through these testing programs. The main purpose of these test is to have an accurate insight about the inner man, his abilities, his latent aptitudes and untapped potential zones of which even the man himself might be unaware.

The tests features all the standard features : English language - comprehension and vocabulary, Mathematical acumen , Logical reasoning, Non Verbal reasoning, Mental Ability , Creativity. These tests take into consideration what level of hierarchy the candidate has to perform and ascertain his suitability for the post.

The tests precisely quantifies to what degree applicant is capable of performing under mental duress, measure of an applicant’s ability to comprehend nuances of social and emotional expressions, the test plays a crucial role in successful team work and employee interaction – a qualification vital in today’s professional work place, quantifies the applicant’s language skills and verbal comprehension, quantifies both the visual and auditory memory abilities of the applicant ,quantify ability to process information , both quickly and efficiently etc.

We at InterManagement strongly believe that "not only hard work will count, smart work shall count far more".

To serve, to serve fully, promptly and efficiently, to serve beyond the terms of contract